on the quest for great coffee

coffe plant in london, portobello road

coffee plant in london, portobello road

Welcome to my first blog about coffee and cafes from around the world.

My name is Julia Scanlon and I am passionate about good coffee. During the day I used to work as a Digital Strategist for online advertising and corporate communication agencies. Now I am working on launching a new Business and Culture magazine which has been an epic but amazing journey so far. During my free time I keep searching for great little cafes with excellent coffee.

I am now living in London, but before that I lived in Hamburg, Germany for two and in Melbourne, Australia for over seven years. Those of you that know Melbourne, know what a beautiful city it is and how coffee obsessed it is. Melbourne is where I discovered good coffee and I hope to take this love for good coffee with me to Europe and other places.

This blog will feature my quest for great coffee since I am constantly on the hunt for that perfect cafe latte, prepared with great beans, a good machine, good soy milk (unfortunately I am lactose intolerant) and most of all a good barrista. In fact, this is how we visit all cities we go to – from one cafe to the next, learning and discovering different corners and neighbourhoods whilst enjoying good coffee.

The reviews will be written by myself and by my husband Luke Scanlon and occasional guest writers that have also proven to be in love with nothing less than great coffee.

I hope this blog will inspire you to spend some nice hours in cute cafes, reflecting on life or just spending a nice time with some good friends.

And most of all if you own a cafe, I hope this will inspire you to serve nothing but really good coffee.


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