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Writing a blog is always very exciting when you first start.

The problem though is, that you have grand plans and then reality and lack of time catch up.

Having been to Finland at the end of 2011 (beautiful country), having shortly after that moved to London (great city), having visited family in back in Melbourne (another great city) in April, there’s been very little time to catch on updating this blog.

Thanks to technology though, I have been taking notes all along the way and I am determined to share all of my experiences in the coming weeks.

Having been to so many different places in a short period of time, has also given us the opportunity to compare different cultures and coffee standards from around the world – as Luke likes to put it: after having tasted coffee in Melbourne again, he noticeably dislikes his own home made coffee, he has been enjoying at home for the last two years…

coffee break is over

coffee break is over

Anyway, I am resolved to improve my future posting skills. I will do my best to put up all of our insights and new posts as quickly as I can. But I will also catch up on places we have been to in the past few months and will note down the approximate time as to when the place was reviewed, just in case your experience is less enjoyable!  I will be posting on a weekly basis, so make sure to come back soon – one of the posts I have been looking forward to writing is a comparison between St. Ali London and St. Ali Melboure, what used to be my favourite café – but is it still?