london coffeelympics are here

It turns out that I am pretty rubbish at running 42 miles (a bit of an understatement, I am really not capably of running anything more than 2miles) or of swimming more than 100 metres. Don’t get me wrong I like sport, but I prefer it when it is fun and social.

Who will win gold in the coffeelympics?

Who will win gold in the coffeelympics?

But I do enjoy watching sports! And I am pretty good at drinking coffee. So here is an idea: over the next two weeks I am going to do a marathon around London trying to find the best coffee in London – who will win gold? And how many coffees can I drink in a day?

I have had a bit of fair criticism that this blog is a bit soy cuppa heavy… Main reason for that is, that a soy flat white is one of the hardest coffees to make. Ask any Barista. If you get this one right, I can assure you anything else will also be of good quality. Plus, I can’t really drink anything with normal milk. But as I said, fair enough comment, so I will up the challenge:

Who makes the best long black in London?

I will keep a tab on twitter @goodcafecoffee and then will feature the best cafés of London by area. So there is plenty of gold to be won everywhere!


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